Monday, May 24, 2010

Messing About

Still messing about. Can't seem to be satisfied with the characters so I keep changing them. I want to be able to write them easily (with both hands as I am ambidextrous) and have a flow to them. I also really don't want to copy symbols I saw although I think I have without knowing it. LOL.

Grammar is FINALLY coming along. It's finally starting to take shape and I am starting to be able to write whole sentences. I've worked out some basic punctuation (full stop, question mark etc) and have begun managing to sort out the tenses.

Tenses....these have been a complete pain in the ass. I keep getting confused and having to change it. I don't want to do what Latin does which is add something to a word for every different tense, which gives you words which are 20 characters long, but I don't want to copy English either. The present tense has been interesting because I don't want to use that all the time so I've made the present tense 'indicator' (a prefix) only applicable for things which are non continuous.
ie. "I call" is different to "I am calling" Both are present tense but one is continuous and one only applies to the moment. In Selmari a specific present tense only applies to the non continuous. Something such as "I love you" doesn't have an intended time limit and so would be left plain (in it's neutral form).

Possessive & Passive...also a pain in the ass but slowly getting there. I can see why tips say "work on the grammar early". Because now that I have the grammar starting to get there I can begin to hear how the language sounds so speak and as I'm trying to get a softer, slower feeling than English I can adapt it to fit more easily.

Funny moment...
I've got a Latin exam soon, for uni, and found myself saying my word for "to be" instead of Latin's the other day. Realised I really can't work on both at the same time. LOL. Would be funny to put Selmari in my Latin exam instead though. Although I don't think it would pass. :D

Anyway...Latin to study so I'll leave it there. Getting closer and closer to the point of being able to put still, like actual words, up online. However I don't want to put stuff up and then take it down so I'm waiting until it's how I want it.

I can't believe how exciting this is! :) I'm loving this and am only slightly ticked off that I can remember Selmari fine...remembering hope!

Happy Conlanging!

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