About Selmarea

Selmarea is a made up country by me, it's official language is Selmari. In these pages find information on it's language, flora, faunae, geography and my blog on trying to create it. :)

The images below are of the bank notes I have created for the made-up country Selmarea. Please don't take them but feel free to have a look and tell me what you think. Bank notes are extremely detailed and I've had a lot of fun creating these.

Keep in mind that they are not finished as the symbols in the corner, the sentence in rune characters and the serial number will all be replaced when I have finished transferring the characters of Selmari to digital form.

NOTE: The man in the picture is not an image done by me. Neither is the building nor the signature. They are images online used to represent characters. If they are yours please comment. Everything else is mine.

Front Side

Back Side

Of course I don't have the technology to create the micro writing found on many Australian bank notes. The stripes are a representation of this. The blank area in the corner is for a plastic window like ours, I've heard ours is one of the least counterfeited in the world because of that plastic window.


  1. Its cool. I like it, was just thinking if there is anyway to make lines of the countries less confusing. Although if that is all just part of the design thats it just seems with all the different kinda messy. Keep up the great work!