Saturday, May 1, 2010

Creating Selmarea

Selmarea, originally called Morgania, is a made up country made for my stories. It is completely fake and I created it simply to more effectively visulise my stories. The basic shape for the country was created a while ago and I had help making it look a lot more realistic.

The idea is that it is a country which is created after an alternative 'split' of the countries on Earth. So they break up a different way to create a unique country with unique animals, plants and people.

The name was changed only recently (this year) because I felt 'Morgania' was a bit too common. The name of the country is now Selmarea (pronounced like 'maria') and the language is called "Selmari".

The language is part of my own CONLANG project, which means constructed language. More about the language, the culture and the country is to come.

To be honest I have NO idea why I'm doing this but I don't care. I'm having so much fun that it doesn't really matter. However I have to admit I have thought (more than once) that the coolest thing EVER would be to walk down the street and hear a total stranger speaking YOUR language. How TOTALLY awesome would that be??!!

Whatever. Right now I'm just enjoying how fun this is. I'm SO glad I came across the CONLANG websites around. At least I know I'm not the only one who is totally crazy. LOL.

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