Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grammar is getting there

Wow...the grammar for this project is coming along quickly at the moment. It's amazing how one minute you have no idea and the next you are writing whole sentences. I've now got about 100 words, a basic grammatical structure, tenses, pronouns and characters. I printed some stuff today and wrote down some basic sentences to get the feel for it. It was VERY cool. I can't wait for tomorrow but seeing as it's almost 3am it's time I went to sleep. Honestly I could work on this for another hour or more but I have class at 11am and have to be up at 9:30 so sleep is in order. Tomorrow I'll work on this some more.

I never thought that learning Latin would be so helpful but it has been. Seeing how a different grammatical structure can work has been priceless and now I can begin to use my knowledge to create Selmari.

I'll admit I'm reluctant to put words up here at the moment. I keep changing them because they don't feel right so if I put them online and I don't like them in two months then...what? Take them down? Edit them? No...I think I'll wait until later to put up actual words....but it's SO exciting to finally get something resembling a language down on paper.


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